"It was so wonderful to work with Caressa during my pregnancy. Her insights and words gave me so much peace of mind. It's so hard to know how your developing child is doing in their hidden home, and how they are adjusting to coming into this world.

Learning about the "Contracts" my husband and I have with our child and what lives we may of shared before, were not only helpful, but illuminating.

Also, when some "troubles" came up in my pregnancy, I was able to get clarity and know what course of action to take. I felt at peace and my fears were put to rest.

I would highly recommend working with Caressa, if even just for that peace of mind she assists with. But she is also a warm and loving person who embodies joy and pleasantries. I wish she could advise me daily on all aspects of my life!"

Felicity Doyle




Caressa was my spiritual midwife during my pregnancy. I had so much fear and Caressa was able to work with me to ease my fears by looking at the energy of what was going on and looking into the future to tell me everything was going to be ok. She helped me name my daughter by getting feedback from my daughter’s spirit (she wants 3 syllables, something strong, etc.). It was so much fun to bounce names off my unborn daughter to see what she would like. We picked her perfect name. Caressa also informed me of my daughter’s strong will and ability to sing that she would get from my mother who had passed. It was so comforting to get to know my child before she was born. I felt so much more connected to her and felt like I already knew her when she entered the physical world. I was nervous about not having her delivered at the same hospital as her older brother in Petaluma and Caressa assured me that my daughter wanted to be different anyway, so it was ok with her. Through the process, we also learned about family connections, did energy clearings in the house, and worked on myself too. I am so happy Caressa was there with me through every step of the journey. My daughter Danika is now 2 ½ and she is just as Caressa said she would be. J

  Thank you!

  Kerri Petersen